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Dr. Anindya Ghosh Roy
Scientist-IV / Associate Professor (Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance Intermediate Fellow)
  Email : anindya[AT]nbrc[dot]ac[dot]in, anindya[dot]nbrc[AT]gov[dot]in
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Laboratory of Neurogenetics

Dr. Ghosh Roy received his Bachelors and Masters degree from Calcutta University, Kolkata, and his Ph.D. from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. He completed his postdoctoral research at Columbia University, NY and University of California, San Diego. During his post-doctoral work he pioneered the use of C. elegans model for axon regeneration research.


Selected Publications:

1) Ghosh-Roy, A., Goncharov, A., Jin, Y., Chisholm A.D. (2012). Kinesin-13 and tubulin posttranslational
modifications regulate microtubule growth in axon regeneration. Developmental Cell 23(4), 716-728

 FACULTY of 1000 evaluation:


2) Chen, L., Wang, Z., Ghosh-Roy, A., Hubert, T., Yan, D., O’ Rourke, S., Bowerman, B., Wu, Z., Jin, Y., and
Chisholm, A.D. (2011). Axon regeneration pathways identified by systematic genetic screening in C. elegans. Neuron. 71(6):1043-57


3) Ghosh-Roy, A. & Chisholm A.D. (2010). C. elegans: a new model organism for studies of axon regeneration. Developmental Dynamics, (Invited review) 239(5): 1460-1464


4) Ghosh-Roy, A., Wu, Z., Ghoncharov, A., Jin, Y., Chisholm A.D. (2010). Calcium and cyclic AMP promote
axonal regeneration in C. elegans and require DLK-1 kinase. Journal of Neuroscience 30(9): 3175-3183.

 FACULTY of 1000 evaluation:


5) Wu, Z., Ghosh-Roy, A., Yanik, M.F., Zhang, J.Z., Jin, Y., and Chisholm, A.D. (2007). C. elegans neuronal
regeneration is influenced by life stage, synaptic branching, and ephrin signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U.S.A, 104:

 FACULTY of 1000 evaluation:


Selected awards and honours:

1) Young Scientist award-2006 by Indian National Science Academy

2) Christopher and Dana Reeve post-doctoral fellow-2009

3) Wellcome Trust/DBT intermediate fellowship-2013-2018


Position Available


 Ph.D and Integrated Ph.D applicant:

Our lab is interested in phD candidates. If you are interested, please visit


Postdoctoral Fellow:

Lab is interested in candidates who want to pursue a post-doctoral career. Please send your resume and a cover letter describing your interest in our lab. Also arrange for two references who can comment on your scientific ability.

Although we are open about your background, we are keen on having somebody with background in physics, mathematics and computer science. A PhD in either of these fields will be an added advantage.

I will strongly support/encourage you for your own fellowships. One post-doc will be supported by WellcomeTrust-DBT fund with travel support for meetings and conferences. NBRC also has intramural fund for post-doctoral candidates.


Project Assistant:

Candidates with MSc in either of Physics, Chemistry or Biology can apply.


NBRC accepts summer intern through Indian Academy of Science. Please apply directly to IAS and indicate your lab choice.

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