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Dr. Arpan Banerjee
Scientist-IV / Associate Professor
  Email : arpan[AT]nbrc[dot]ac[dot]in, arpan[dot]nbrc[AT]gov[dot]in
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Arpan received his PhD in Complex Systems and Brain Sciences from Florida Atlantic University, USA primarily working in the area of bimanual motor coordination in humans. He has completed his post-PhD training at Center for Neural Sciences, New York University and The National Institutes of Health, USA working in signal processing and spike train, LFP and MEG recordings. Currently his interests are in using computational neuroscience and multimodal brain imaging EEG/MEG/ fMRI to understand accurately where (spatial) and when (temporal) task-related differences in information processing occur in the brain during multisensory integration, higher order visual processing and cognition. The key research question that he wants to address is how large networks of neurons coordinate amongst each other to form organized assemblies at only specific instants of time to orchestrate ongoing behavior. Demystifying the tunes that govern this neural orchestra will shed light to subtle differences in human brain function across normal individuals, across patients and eventually lead to developing neuro-markers for spectrum disorders such as autism.

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