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Research Group
Prof. Subrata Sinha   Molecular interactions in gliomagenesis; hypoxic environment and cell signalling, Genetics of dyslexia.
Dr. Anindya Ghosh Roy   Neuronal development and regeneration using Caenorhabditis elegans
Dr. Anirban Basu   Viral and Inflammatory Triggers of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Dr. Arpan Banerjee   Theoretical neuroscience and functional brain imaging
Dr. Ellora Sen   Signal Transduction and Gene Regulation in Glioma
Dr. Nandini C Singh   Language and speech processing in bilinguals. Autism and dyslexia.
Prof. Neeraj Jain   Somatosensory and Motor Systems: Information Processing, Plasticity, Spinal cord Injury and Brain-Machine Interface.
Prof. Nihar Ranjan Jana   Neurological disorders involving protein misfolding
Prof. Pankaj Seth   Molecular and Cellular Basis of NeuroAIDS; Human Neural Stem Cell as Models for Studying Neurodegeneration.
Prof. Pravat K. Mandal   Medical Image/signal processing, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson Disease, Brain stress quantification, Biomarkers using multi-model imaging (MRI/fMRI/MRS) Technology
Dr. Ranjit K. Giri   CNS Stem Cells as Models of Alzheimer's and Prion Diseases
Prof. Shiv K. Sharma   Synaptic plasticity and Memory in Hippocampus
Dr. Soumya Iyengar   Adult neurogenesis, Development of Auditory system in humans. Song control system in zebra finches.
Dr. Sourav Banerjee   Epigenetic control of neuronal wiring and plasticity
Dr. Yoganarasimha Doreswamy   Neural network mechanisms underlying spatial learning and memory
Dr. Yogita K. Adlakha   Understanding the molecular details of non-coding RNAs mediated cellular reprogramming
Dr. Dipanjan Roy  
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