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Name Designation Email Phone(Ext)
Dr. Yoganarasimha Doreswamy Offg. Registrar 2845345(345)
Mr. Ravinder Pal Administrative Officer (Acad) 2845269(269)
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav Office Assistant 2845339(339)
Mr. Mukesh Chauhan Management Assistant (Academics) 2845344(344)
Mr. Amit Kumar Computer Operator 2845344(344)
Administration Accounts
Name Designation Email Phone(Ext)
Mr. Tanmoy Bhattacharyya Chief Administrative Officer 2845226(226)
Mr. Suman Kumar Consultant (Administration) 2845308(308)
Mr. Santosh Kr. Choudhary Deputy Finance Officer 2845236(236)
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta Asst Administrative Officer 2845340(340/341)
Ms. Sunita Computer Operator 2845200(200)
Md. Irshad Alam Technician - A 2845227(227)
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh Technician - A 2845259(259)
Mr. Suraj Bhan Office Assistant 2845208(208)
Mr. Ajay Kumar Dehariya Office Assistant 2845259(259)
Mr. Parmander Singh Rawat Office Assistant 2845311(311)
Mr. Kailash Chandra Khuntia Office Assistant 2845228(228)
Mr. Jitendra Kumar Meena Office Assistant 2845327(327)
Ms. Sonam Saini Management Assistant (Accounts) 2845223(223)
Mr. Hanish Kumar Sauda Management Assistant (Admin) 2845308(308)
Mr. Bhupender Pal Sharma Driver ()
Mr. Satish Kumar Driver ()
Mr. Surender Kumar Driver ()
Animal Facility
Name Designation Email Phone(Ext)
Dr. Inderjeet Yadav Veterinarian 2845271(271)
Dr. Karan Singh Veterinarian at the level of Application Specialist 2845287(287)
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Technician - B 2845287(287)
Director Office
Name Designation Email Phone(Ext)
Mrs. Pooja Gosain Personal Secretary 2845206(206)
Mr. Himanshu Mal Office Assistant 2845205(205)
Mr. Dil Bahadur Karki Technician - A 2845206(206)
Engineering Division
Name Designation Email Phone(Ext)
Mr. Rajbir Singh Superintending Engineer 2845265(265)
Mr. Sanjeev Kr. Choudhary Asst Engineer(Civil) 2845267(267)
Information Centre
Name Designation Email Phone(Ext)
Mr. Mahender Kumar Singh Information Scientist 2845233(233)
Mr. Kedar Singh Bajetha Computer Operator 2845214(214)
Ms. Seepika Computer Operator 2845215(215)
Ms. Tarnnum Mansoori Computer Operator 2845215(215)
Mr. Sachin Kumar Computer Operator 2845211(211)
Mr. Amit Kumar Gaurav Computer Operator 2845211(211)
Mr. R. Ganesh Gurumoorthy Computer Operator 2845211(211)
Name Designation Email Phone(Ext)
Mr. Jitender Ahlawat Technical Officer - B 2845318(318)
Mr. Arvind Singh Pundir Technical Officer - C 2845250(250)
Mr. Shanker Datt Joshi Technician - C 2845213(213)
Mr. Kanhaiya Lal Kumawat Technician - C 2845213(213)
Mr. Yunis Khan Technician - B 2845213(213)
Mr. Sumit Kumar Sinha Mahapatra Technician - B 2845234(234)
Mr. Mithlesh Kumar Singh Technician - B 2845213(203)
Mr. Manish Kumar Technician - B 2845213(213)
Mr. P Manish Technician - B 2845213(213)
Mr. Ankit Sharma Technician - B 2845213(213)
Mr. D Narender Technician - B 2845328(328)
Mr. Mahendra Singh Technician - A 2845213(213)
Mr. Rammehar Technician - A 2845213(213)
Mr. Durga Lal Meena Technician - A 2845234(234)
Mr. Hari Shankar Technician - A 2845203(203)
Name Designation Email Phone(Ext)
Dr. D D Lal Technical Officer 2845229(229)
Mr. Sukhvir Singh Pundir Technical Associate(Computer/IT) 2845329(329)
Mr. Sushil Kumar Gupta Technical Assistant (Library) 2845329(329)
Mr. Prem Chand Accounts Administrative Assistant (DeLCON Project) 2845329(329)
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